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Things to Do When You Lose Your Pay stub

Many employees will agree of how beneficial it is to have a paystub. As an employee, it is convenient if you can have a single piece of paper that fully gives details on your financial information and payment history. Today, many countries are realizing the importance of these pay stubs and thus listing them as some of the major requirements. Even though pay stubs have unquestionable benefits, they can be disadvantageous when it comes to the employee’s security. When things go wrong and you lose your pay stub, you need to have ideas in mind that will allow you to act wisely in the shortest time possible. Fortunately, this article will walk you through the considerations you should bear in mind when you face such a problem.

Of all steps you might think of, informing your bank should be your priority. If you lose your pay stub, there are high chances of your financial situation being tampered. Your pay stub might list information about your bank account if you receive direct deposits. This means that the thief can use the information listed on your pay stub to try accessing your account. With this in mind, you have a better understanding on how vital it is to first link up with your bank. You will need to ask your bank to start monitoring all your bank account’s activities. Notifying your bank is a crucial, whether you use direct deposits or not. Thieves are such creative that they can employ other methods to access your bank. Ask your bank to freeze your account so that no funds can be withdrawn.

You should then proceed to contact your human resources. Supposing there was a check attached to the pay stub, the thief will attempt to cash it. You need to link up with the human resource department of your employer who will connect you with the accounting department. With their assistance, the thief will be unable to cash the check.

Once your accounts are secure, start the process of obtaining new copies of the documents you lost. Request your H.R representative to link you up with the payroll offices. You might be required to present a formal request in writing before receiving the new documents. You might also be asked to fill out a pay stub request form. The form will require details such as your employee’s ID number and whether the previous pay stub was physical or digital. Once you have signed the form, return it to the payroll office and wait for their feedback.

It is even more beneficial to initiate a fraud alert on your credit. By doing this, the credit reporting agencies will monitor your name and details for a while. Once the relevant agencies are aware of your situation, they will hinder the thief from opening a new card by using your name.

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