An Award-Winning Project in Montreal Highlights Opportunities for Cooperation With China

China has become an important economic partner for just about every developed country. In many cases, China’s commercial role with regard to other nations has been evolving and becoming even more fundamental.

Many have read or even personally experienced, for example, how Chinese investors had become so involved in Vancouver’s residential real estate market. While developments like that sometimes raise eyebrows, there have been plenty of others that have been more widely recognized as positive in every respect.

Montreal-based real estate developer Kheng Ly, for instance, has recently been lauded for his efforts to put some of China’s resources to use in ways that clearly benefit residents of that city. One recent project was even enough to earn him and his company, Brivia Management, a prestigious international award.

A Real Estate Project With a Bold, Positive Vision

Montreal’s real estate market has always been competitive, but recent years have seen the pace of innovation heightening quickly. That has left developers scrambling for ways to make the most of what many regard as one of North America’s most enticing and attractive cities.

Brivia Investments took a bold step forward with its plans for the two, 38-story towers of the YUL project. With capital coming in, for the first time for such a large project, from a group of Chinese investors, options that might otherwise have been out of reach were made practical and realistic.

As a result, the YUL development has quickly become regarded as one of the most prestigious and successful to grace Montreal’s skyline for many years. An openness to investment from elsewhere and a commitment to cooperation enabled a new development with an especially interesting and luxurious character.

An Award-Winning Accomplishment

In addition to the considerable commercial success of the project, the partnership also saw Kheng Ly and Brivia receiving encouragements of other kinds. The China Canada Business Council highlighted the project as a particularly impressive example of what could be achieved given the right types of cooperation between the two nations. As a result, many are now pointing to projects like the YUL development as examples of how careful planning and positive thinking can benefit both Canada and China.